Michael Blake

Owner and Dance Instructor

I have been teaching dance for over 14 years. From walking into my first dance lesson and now many years later, I knew dancing would be a part of my life for the rest of my life. Having been hired in the same studio were I was once a pupil, I felt the pressure to get better fast. I worked tirelessly on my dancing, before and after work hours to improve. I LOVED IT!

I have worked with students of all ages and levels of dance, social and competitive. I have trained and assisted many dance instructors in achieving their professional certifications. I have danced socially with our students for years, rarely ever missing a Friday Night Dance. I absolutely love preparing students for Pro/Am Competitions and creating routines.

Annie Medina

Dance Instructor

My love for music and dance started when I was really young. I am originally from Cuba, where most of the latin rhythms come from, like Cha Cha, Rumba and Mambo.

As an empty nester, I began taking ballroom dance lessons with my husband. I had no idea where this dance journey would take me. I strived for better movement and better technique on every lesson. A few years later I was asked to become an instructor at the same studio I was a student.

It’s been very exciting teaching others my passion for dance. I have enjoyed teaching all students ranging from social students, wedding students, and competition students. No matter their goal, whether to dance socially, prepare for a wedding, or competition, I LOVE teaching DANCE!

Rachel Messmer

Dance Instructor

I fell in love with music when I was very small, I started social dancing at 14 because I wanted to move with it, along with being moved by it.

I danced at every school and formal event I could, which is also where I met my husband and we bonded over a love of swing, and started doing amateur competitions together, but I craved a deeper understanding of ballroom.

I fell deeper in love with dance as I began to train as a teacher and learned the technique of how beautiful dancers move.

Through this I have taught group and private classes to children, adults, families, and wedding couples.

My biggest passion as a teacher is passing on my knowledge, seeing the “lightbulb moment” for my students,  and helping them fall in love with ballroom and music. 

Al Dadashian

Argentine Tango Dance Instructor

Come learn the most passionate dance with “Ali”. He has been a connoisseur, instructor, and milonguero of Argentine Tango for over 20 years!

He would love to share his passion for Argentine Tango with you.